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Independence Is Fun!

July 6, 2006

I’ve just posted some new photos in my Flickr account from the 4th. Check ’em out. I went up to the roof of the Bel Age Hotel with some friends to eat, drink, and watch fireworks. Although there wasn’t a huge fireworks display nearby, we were able to see them exploding all across the horizon, which was a cool new way to enjoy them. Jeff’s roommate Mike was our bartender, and we ended up getting away with lots of free drinks, as if it weren’t payment enough that we got to laugh at his funny little shorts and polo shirt uniform. Dang, why didn’t I take a picture of that?!


My British friend Virginia came to celebrate our country’s victory over hers, and pointed out how amazing it is that we’ve built all this in 230 years. (“We” including me, of course, because I have built a great deal of this country with my bare hands)!

In other news, Missy has moved to New York, which is sad for us, but happy because she booked a 3-year contract role on All My Children. She’s been in town this week packing up. On Sunday we all drank mimosas and talked while she packed. Here’s Jeremy and Missy doing a coreographed scene from a musical about packing. Good times.

In one last piece of news, This Just In: Working in an office sucks.


Sun and Fun

May 30, 2006

Yay! It finally feels like Southern California.  Jeff and I ushered in the gorgeous weather by spending Memorial Day weekend with his family, along with lots of friends, in Laguna Beach for their annual wine-tasting party.  The weather was perfect, and good times were had by all.  Click on my Flickr badge over on the left side of this page for a photo diary of fun!

P.S.  Eric is sending me photos from his camera, many of which I took after my battery died.  They are pure awesomeness, so be sure to check the photo album later for some new additions.

Update: Check out Eric's blog to see his photo diary of the weekend, and go visit his Flickr page for "deleted scenes." Just be warned, some of the pictures of me in both locales will give you a good laugh at my expense!  

Why Did I Do That?

May 23, 2006

Why did I buy only one set of curtains from Ikea? I have two windows. Now I have one window with adorable red curtains and one with ugly white blinds. I think when I bought the curtains and they came in a pack of two, I was thinking, "Oh, two curtains. One for each window!" Wrong.

I recently went back to Ikea and decided I had better get a second set for the other window. But I couldn't, because they didn't have them! They've discontinued them! NOW what am I supposed to do!?

As Annie would say, "Well, Shoot a Monkey."

Here is my cute window:


And Here is the ugly one:


Notice how the ugly one is so ugly that day becomes night!  Next time I'll be sure to get two sets of curtains.

P.S. That calendar in the first picture is a miniature pinscher calendar I got at the 99-cent store.  It's a 2005 calendar.  The fact that it will probably hang there through 2006 and possibly well into 2007 is further evidence of my olympic-level procrastination skills.  Yesss!

P.P.S. I do not live deep in a forest, despite photographic evidence to the contrary.

Babies vs. Puppies

May 12, 2006

This is it.  The most pressing question of all time:  Which is cuter: Babies or Puppies? Personally, I tend to go back and forth, but have historically leaned toward puppies.  When I see an extra cute puppy, for example, my voice involuntarily rises approximately two octaves, and squeaking sounds emit from my throat that are so high-pitched, only said puppy can hear them.  This does not usually happen with babies to such an extent.  However, as soon as I'm confident about puppies' spot in first place, along comes an extra-cute baby to make me re-think things.  So, I've decided to let you, the Internet, help me decide.  I present here several pieces of evidence, from both sides of the argument. 

 First, I present to you Exhibit A:  Willie.  Willie is Jeff's little sister Sage's dog, and… well, I think the evidence speaks for itself:


OK. Pretty cute, right?  That's one for the puppies.  But… and I have to say, this next picture is going to put babies in a clear lead.  Here it comes… May I present: Gareth!

 LittleTiger 005_small.jpg

On cue now: "Awwwwwwww!" Gareth is my co-workers Julie & Cliff's baby — the one I bought an adorable dress for when I thought he was going to be a girl.  Julie brings him around every morning when she leaves work and Cliff arrives, and each day I try to trick her into leaving without him so I can play with him all day. "Quick! Julie, Fire Alarm! Save yourself; I'll take the baby.  You don't hear anything?  Weird.  Anyway, RUN! RUN!" or "Gareth?  Um, Nooooo, this is my baby.  I brought him today.  What's that?  Looks a lot like Gareth?  Yes, that is quite a coincidence, isn't it?  Oh, I think I may have seen your baby out in your car, or at your house.  Maybe you should go look there.  You really shouldn't leave a baby alone — you should know that, Julie.  Hurry up, now, Go!"

It has yet to work, but I am far from giving up.

So: It's one to one.  Puppies and babies are neck and neck. 

Ladies and Gentlemen: Professor Chips. 


P. Chips is the English Bulldog puppy Jeff had for two days before the breeder called crying, wanting him back because she had fallen in love with him.  Because he is the cutest creature ever to have walked the earth.  Damn.  Looking back, I realize it was probably a good thing Jeff gave him back, for both of us.  Not only was Prof. Chips the biggest cock-blocker ever ("Jeff who?  GIIIIVVE MEEEEE PUUUPPPPYYYYYYY"), he was so soft and cute he literally gave me a headache.  So… Puppies again take the lead.  But…. wait until you get a load of this:


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  My ovaries are exploding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must begin procreating NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The world needs more cute things like this!  I must gobble her up!  I must consume this baby at once, with butter and a glass of milk! 

Ah… pant, pant, leaning against wall for support, catching breath…. ahem… OK, this is Elanor, the daughter of my lovely friend Joanna.  Elanor is one baby who can give Professor Chips a damn good run for his money.  Can you even picture this baby and that puppy in the same room together?  I can't.  I think Earth would be sucked into a black hole, there would be such a concentration of cuteness in one area, and the imbalance would cause the end of the universe and all matter.  So basically we have concluded… nothing.  Babies and puppies are still tied.  They're two for two. 


It looks as though for the time being, at least, babies outshine puppies.  Click on this link here and crank up the sound.  And don't say I didn't warn you.

Case closed…. for now.

Cute Japanese Animals

April 12, 2006

Look at this picture from  Can I go to that park in Japan right now, please, and look at that bunny, and enjoy the fall leaves?  I guess it is fall over there now, huh?

bunny.jpgAnyway, if you're cool you're going to Japan right now.  Eric did, and Jeff and his family are going on Friday for ten days.  I guess I'd better start saving my pennies and planning a trip!

Speaking of both Japan and cute animals, I saw on Animal Planet a blurb about a Tokyo family's pet penguin.  Every morning they would put a little backpack on him (the backpack looked like a penguin, too), and he would waddle, by himself, several blocks to the fish market.  At the market, the fish monger would feed him a fish, then put a fish in the backpack and I guess maybe take some money from the backpack (I don't remember the form of payment), and the penguin would waddle back home with the fish for the family.

Cute Overload is right. The Japanese really do know their cute.

Question: Is there such a thing as too much cheese?

April 12, 2006

Answer: Yes.

Last night I went to Annie's house for a friends and family get-together, since her parents and sister were visiting from North Carolina.  It was lovely, and one of my favorite parts about the evening was all the cheese.  I brought apples and colby-jack, and at least two other people brought cheese and crackers.  There were many varieties of cheese present, including brie, jarlsberg, and my favorite: English cheddar with carmelized onions.  mmmmm. 

I ate a lot of cheese.

And got a lot of gas.

But it was worth it.

As a side note, why does everyone love Brie so much?  To me, it smells and tastes like semen.  Yes, that's right.  You heard me.  Semen.  There. I said it again.  (Thank goodness my parents don't know about this blog.  If you know them, don't tell them!)

Here is a photo of Annie's get-together for  your viewing enjoyment.  I should have taken some pictures of all the cheese!  Doh!  Also, let it be known that Peeps were served on nice hors d'oeuvre plates.  Yes, Marshmallow Peeps.  Would that I had taken a picture of that, too, but you'll just have to believe me. Actually, I think Annie is eating a peep in this very photo! Perfect.

You can't see the ambiance, but you can see the faces.

Blout-Out to Dave O’Hara!

April 8, 2006

I love the blogging community!  As I thoroughly demonstrated in my last two posts, I have been having tons of trouble adding photos to my blogs and was clueless as to how to add them full-sized.  So, I remembered that I'd seen one on another wordpress blog, that of one Mr. David O'Hara, and so I asked him how, and he told me, and now I know, and am liberated from thumbnails!  Thanks, Dave, you are the recipient of my second blout-out!

By the way, this is a random photo I grabbed for testing purposes.  It was taken at my friend Theo's American Citizenship Bowling party, on the night he got his American Citizenship.  Here's me, Brennan, Emily, and two of Emily's friends (on the far left and right) whose names I don't remember.  Sadly, Theo is not in this picture, but now that I know how to add full-size photos, perhaps I'll add more in the future from this memorable occasion. 



March 15, 2006

Paris2005_280  I’m having trouble writing this week, so… I figure I’ll just post some old photos (blotos).  These are from Jeff & my trip to Paris last fall, a weekend trip from our 3 1/2 week stint in Barcelona.   Click on the photos to view them full size.  Why is Paris so f-ing gorgeous!!!??  I have to admit it: I’ve never seen a more beautiful city.

This is a picture I took of the Hotel Letitia, where we went for drinks  with Jeff’s parents, who were in Paris for the week.  Paris2005_008

It’s an old, old, super-old hotel, and apparently used to be the hot spot for all sorts of old-timey Paris2005_012chic artist types, none of whom I can remember at this moment.

Here’s another one at the Letitia, of Jeff & me.  Not sure what I’m laughing about — it looks like he’s tickling me, but his hands are visible — but I like this picture a lot.

Paris2005_080 Here’s us with Jeff’s parents, Ken and Deb, at the Hotel Coste, another old badass place.  The food was amazing and the scenery even better.  Plus, they sell these amazing mix CDs there, one every year.  Deb bought one for Jeff & me and it’s fantastic.

Paris2005_082 Paris2005_084 Here are a couple more of the Hotel Coste.

Here are some more photos that show how ridiculously gorgeous Paris is:

Paris2005_116 Paris2005_119 Paris2005_125Paris2005_131 Paris2005_136 I want to go back! Now!