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I’ve finally moved my blog, and it’s now on! That’s it! Nothing else to remember! All my old blentries and photos are still there. I’m still working out a few kinks, and one thing that’s a bummer is I was unable to import any of my comments from this blog to the new one, so it looks like nobody commented on any of my posts. But it’s still super cool, and the web address is easy to remember, so I think it’s a very good thing. Plus, I feel accomplished because I figured out how to install it all by myself. Yay!

So: To recap, please visit my blog now at, and please bookmark the new site and/or change the link on your blogroll if you have it there (which you should, if you have a blog). πŸ˜‰



  1. 1
    Cathryn Michon Says:


    Just FYI, I posted to your post about me, but thought you might never see it…BTW, your blog is very cool too!


  2. 2
    Alex Says:

    Hi there! For a moment I’m creating a blog about Subaru and people for whom Subaru is much more than just a car. Subarumania exists in many countries and in every country this mania has its peculiarities. My goal is to collect as much as possible information about subarumaniacs throughout the world. This site is NOT commercial. Mail to Alex ( ) if you have any information about people who have such passion for Subaru. Any information will be very much appreciated. And welcome to my site!

  3. encip..wonder full..boleh dong mas belajar bareng..tnks Click

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