“yeah it makes me smile”

Whoa, you guys have got to hear Lily Allen. Her sound is so fresh and such a brilliant combination of sounds. It feels young and free, yet badass. Go to her website right this minute and listen to “LDN.” I heard it on KCRW and recorded part of it with my phone so I could figure out who it was, but luckily KCRW is awesome and told me anyway. Then I found her MySpace Music page, and she has songs you can listen to and put on your own MySpace page. My favorite of these is “Little Things,” although I don’t know why there’s a picture of Courtney Love next to it. Anyway, if I had a bunch of extra cash lying around I would use it to fly to the U.K. and see her live. But as my dad says, I’ve “barely got a pot to pee in,” so I’ll have to wait until she comes to L.A. And wait I will, on the edge of my seat.


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    atkeith Says:

    Thanks for this. I really like what I’ve heard. I have been waiting and waiting for this.

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