Friday Nerd News

Nathan has alerted me to the coolest thing ever to hit the internet: The “Stumble-Upon” feature in Firefox. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Do This Now: Go to and Download Firefox. (This is the browser you should be using anyway because it is a billion times cooler and better than Internet Explorer). Once you have it up and running, go here and download “Stumble-Upon.” Check the boxes for things that interest you, then start hitting the “Stumble” button in the top left. It will take you to websites you never knew existed, all based around the topics you selected!

In other nerd news, I got a webhost and have been trying to manually upload WordPress so that someday I’ll be able to use my own lovely domain name. The “famous five-minute install” is taking me f-ing forever. Is it possible to be a dumb nerd? Methinks so.


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