A Typical Workday Conversation

marcymint23: fakescreenname1: so there was this client yesterday who when i told her (at 5pm when she called) that her edgar would be filed tomorrow said 'You make me want to stand on my desk and scream'

fakescreenname2: was it Linda? she's ridiculous. i dealt w/ her yesterday, too

fakescreenname2: yesterday was like the day from hell

marcymint23: i'm so glad i have mondays off. i always get the impression mondays are worse than jumping into a lake of angry scorpions.

fakescreenname2: yes, times 10

marcymint23: like, mutant, overgrown angry scorpions?

fakescreenname2: on PMS

marcymint23: LOL


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  1. 1
    awfeck Says:

    Wow, this fakescreenname2 person sounds incredibly funny. And I also get the impression that she/he is irresistably attractive…

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