How can you not be googleable?

In this day and age, explain to me how I can type a person's name into Google and come up with nothing relevant?  How am I expected to i-stalk old friends from my past?  It's really rude, if you ask me.  Put some pictures of y'all's selves up on the internet for me to browse, people!  Or do something noteworthy so someone else will, or at the very least get a dang MySpace page!  Otherwise, what am I supposed to do at work!? 


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    Nathan Says:

    Hey Marcy, if you’re bored at work, try this. Get the “Mozilla Firefox” internet browser ( and install it. Then go back to the site and install the add-on “StumbleUpon”. It installs a bar in your Firefox browser and you enter a bunch of types of websites you like (art, politics, animation, etc.) and then hit the Stumble button and it takes you to a random site on the web. I’ve found so many great sites I would have never found any other way! It killed an entire day of work for me! I don’t work for Mozilla! Exclamation point!

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