Why Did I Do That?

Why did I buy only one set of curtains from Ikea? I have two windows. Now I have one window with adorable red curtains and one with ugly white blinds. I think when I bought the curtains and they came in a pack of two, I was thinking, "Oh, two curtains. One for each window!" Wrong.

I recently went back to Ikea and decided I had better get a second set for the other window. But I couldn't, because they didn't have them! They've discontinued them! NOW what am I supposed to do!?

As Annie would say, "Well, Shoot a Monkey."

Here is my cute window:


And Here is the ugly one:


Notice how the ugly one is so ugly that day becomes night!  Next time I'll be sure to get two sets of curtains.

P.S. That calendar in the first picture is a miniature pinscher calendar I got at the 99-cent store.  It's a 2005 calendar.  The fact that it will probably hang there through 2006 and possibly well into 2007 is further evidence of my olympic-level procrastination skills.  Yesss!

P.P.S. I do not live deep in a forest, despite photographic evidence to the contrary.



  1. 1
    atkeith Says:

    That’s hilarious. I’ve actually done that before but ended up splitting them between the two windows…..yeah, don’t ask. By-the-way, that tree looks so gorgeous in the first picture. It’s what I call, “a thinking tree” because I can stare at it and get all googly eyed and just think.

  2. 2
    Annie Says:

    i am with keith. I would just have a panel on each window. you pull it in front for night and pull aside for day. And thank you for quoting me. I must honor Granmommie as she is the originator of that phrase.

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