The Smoking Gun (Car)

So, on my way to work this morning, thankfully at a red light right outside my office building, my car suddenly started to squeal and whine, like "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," and stinky, burning smoke (as opposed to non-burning smoke) started billowing out of the hood.  At first I thought it was someone else, because my car is reliable, dammit!  My car is never the smoking, screetching car.  But this time it was, and I was like, "Shit.  Shit.  Shit.  Shit.  Shit."  And I turned it off, and I was in the lane going straight, but the left turn lane next to me got a green arrow, so I turned my car back on and leaned out the window and looked as pitiful as possible until a truck let me turn left in front of him, and I went in the side entrance of my building and parked, and grabbed my stuff and got the hell out of there in case the car was planning to catch on fire.  It didn't, though I guess I wouldn't know because I didn't stick around to find out, but anyway, wow, that was scary, and I'm so glad I was already almost here or I would be stuck somewhere in maybe-not-the-worst-but-certainly-not-the-best-either part of town, waiting for AAA and having no idea where to tell AAA to tow me.  But instead I'm at work making money, which will surely come in handy for whatever repairs will need to be done, and waiting for my co-worker Steve to give me the name of his trustworthy mechanic, and it can hopefully all be taken care of while I'm here, although I'm not crossing my fingers.  Steve said it sounded like a belt had slipped loose, and I hope that's all it is, because I don't exactly have a new car budget set aside.  And interestingly, I just got an oil change last weekend.  Hmmmm….. could Jiffy Lube have done this?  In any case, here we are, and there you go.  I feel like such a young adult.  A young woman caught in the rat race, working an office job and dealing with car problems.  It's like an initiation into the American Experience.  Gross.



  1. 1
    Rachel Says:

    Dammit! I hate car problems. We all come to rely on our cars as constants-like air-it’ll always be there and we should never really have to think too much about it. When something happens, it’s like the earth has stopped its rotation, and nothing is as it once was. As hyperbolic as it may seem, it’s SO true. Good thoughts and wishes coming to you from SF!!!

  2. 2
    atkeith Says:

    Once, I had had to rent a car from enterprise. ABout half way down the road, I started smelling burning whatever so I pulled over and checked the oil and fluids and what not…….they hadn’t put any oil in the car so it was just burning gears and rubber. So I bought four cans of oil and drove on. When returning the car, they were like, “You neded to bring it back with this much gas so we will charge for that. ” And I was like,”Well, you guys owe me since I had to put oil in it.” It came out even and we both were happy and I was glad that I didn’t have to walk to the mearest phone or gas station! Cars, can’t live wih em, can’t live without em.

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