Wholesome Wear Is Back!

Yesss!  Someone at my last job pointed me toward this jewel of a swimwear website: www.wholesomewear.com.  I checked back a while ago and it was under construction, and I feared that something had happened to my dear Wholesome Wear!  But it's back, and I can breathe a sigh of relief.  Otherwise, what would I have worn on the beach this summer!?

wholesomewear.jpg P.S. The straw hat is a nice touch, isn't it? 



  1. 1
    atkeith Says:

    I am offended…..I can still see their ankles and a good bit of epidermis! How dare they say this is wholesome. And the price….it just isn’t enough. This is priceless childhood development.

  2. 2
    Maggie Says:

    I finally figured out how to get to your blog – yay! That being said, this site is hilarious. I actually laughed out loud. So thank you.

    I paticularly enjoy the “slimming” wholesomewear. I might have to try that for Wrightsville Beach this summer ….

  3. 3
    Rachel Says:

    This may sound cruel, but there are *some people* I would rather see wearing this stuff, than the alternatives.

  4. 4
    Lael Says:

    Is that Blossom in that stunning blue number? where’s Six? or Joey for that matter? now I really must toddle on over to their site and look for them. I miss them. well, at least I know they went to a good wholesome place. I heart them.

    *sighs* no Joey or Six to be found. *frowns* I gots mah hopes up for nuttins.

    oh yeah, the straw hat, really does make the outfit!

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