Has Anyone Seen My Butt?

I seem to have lost it.  Seriously.  I can't find it.  I guess maybe i've been losing weight because I haven't been eating bread or anything made from wheat, but why can't I lose any inches in my waist?  Why just the butt?  I need all the butt I have.  I can't spare any.  I didn't have much butt to start with, and now I'm pretty sure I have less.  It's disappearing.  My pants are saggy. 

Please, if you see a little butt wandering around lost, can you send it my way?  Thanks.



  1. 1
    atkeith Says:

    Hey woman, you’v e got a cute butt and be thankful. I have a rather large butt that one day will sag and droop and when yours finally grows some chunck (like when you are 50ish) then you will have a bangin’ butt and I will have a big saggy butt. Same with breasticles for me…I will have awesome boobs when I am older since they don’t exhist right now.
    BTW, how do you put a picture on these dang blogs. I saw in your “About” you had a photo..me too me too but how?

  2. 2

    Thanks girl! UM, I KNOW, have you noticed i have posted NO pictures here yet on a post? It’s a pain in the ass, but I know it can be done. As for the profile pic, I can’t remember how I did it! But I’ll look at it again and tell you if I remember.

  3. 3
    for Joke! Says:

    Oh my god, you suffer from pancake butt too??? ME TOO!!! I haaate it!

  4. 4
    awfeck Says:

    Oh my god, there is an alarming epidemic of butt-theft afoot in Los Angeles! I, too, have been missing my butt for several weeks! I am nothing but leg and back, and it makes both sitting down and filling out jeans very complicated endeavors indeed.

  5. 5

    I have a confession to make: I have been secretly stealing butts. That’s right, when you least expect it, I sidle up and snatch that thing. My goal is to create an all-powerful, SUPERBUTT, which is scheduled to be released upon the world July, 2007. Beware…

  6. […] Some of you may remember when I gave up wheat for Lent and lost my butt. Well, it found its way home, and for a week or two we had a happy reunion, until it invited in the old friend it had met up with on its adventures — a set of twins, actually: The Love Handles. […]

  7. 7
    Pancake Butt Says:

    Us white people love good old pancake butt.

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