Sorry Jeremy, I lied!

I told you you would be the blopic of my next post, but instead, something wonderful has happened that I must disclose immediately:

Cathryn Michon, grrl genius, has been my hero ever since I read her book The Grrl Genius Guide to Life. Now, while surfing around on iVillage, I have found her blog! And it's fantastic! I wasn't even looking for it. I was destined to find it!

You may remember that I was declared a certified genius recently, so I feel this latest discovery is a result of my subconscious genius seeking out others of its kind. It is manifest destiny! I'm not sure what that term means anymore, but it sounds good there, doesn't it? I used to know when I took history classes in high school, but I've plum forgotten. Anyway, one grrl genius mind stumbles upon the original grrl genius. If that's not manifest destiny, I am a monkey's uncle!

Hold tight Jeremy, your post is coming soon!


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    Cathryn Michon Says:

    Hey there, it’s Cathryn the Grrl Genius here! I was googling myself for reasons that are embarassing and best left alone and found this post and I could not be more flattered!

    I hope that you will become one of the active posters on my blog. iVillage is looking to expand it into a video blog and I need all the reader support I can get.

    Thank you so much for declaring YOUR genius and spreading the revolution.

    You rock!



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