Breaking Nerd News!

Extra, extra, Read all about it! BaddMinton moves away from Friendster!

Well, Friendster, it's been real. You've been good to me, and I'll still keep my profile and photo albums here, but I cannot deal with all these extra ads. If I have ads on my blog, I want to be getting paid for them, and I'm not, and there are so many now it looks like poo.

I'm working on downloading wordpress and running my blog myself, but I don't have time to do it right now, and I literally cannot write another single entry on Friendster knowing how ugly it will look with the ads. So for now I'm going to blog on wordpress's hosted blogging platform. You'll still find all my archives and categories there. The only thing not there will be the photo albums.

The good news is, the only thing you'll have to remember is my blog will now (still) be located at I'm not sure what this will mean for things like RSS feeds — probably nothing good — because the actual domain name is, and i'm just having my domain name forwarded there until I have time to do it myself. I fear the moving around may be confusing, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm throwing caution to the wind!

So, Friendster Blogs, I guess this is goodbye! And Hello, WordPress! Please come visit me there, guys! Be there or be square. Or something.


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