Top o’ the Mornin! (Evenin, whatever).

Febmar06_005 It was raining a little today, which I like. I love rain, and this time of year (my birthday week, to be exact) is always the most beautiful in LA, in my opinion, because the rain comes, washes away the smog, and leaves LA looking fresh and bright and green.  The down side, however, is the traffic. When it rains, people here think the sky is falling.  They think the roads will melt and swallow them up.  They creep along like snails.  OR, they ignore the rain, ride the butts of the cars in front of them, and speed like cheetas out of hell.  (I figure cheetas out of hell are faster than bats, since they’re the fastest animals, and nobody: bats, cheetas, you name it, wants to be in hell, so a cheetah, like a bat or any person or animal, would scurry out of there pretty fast, given the chance.  And when you combine that desire to get out with the ability to run faster than any other animal, you’ve got one fast motherfucking beast).  My point being that every time it rains here it takes 30 extra minutes to get to work because people are driving like idiots and getting in accidents on every corner.  This makes me cranky.  Thus, my cranky face in the photo above.  I actually took that a couple weeks ago when it wasn’t even raining but had been raining, making the roads a little damp and therefore leading to mass panic, and then the resulting accidents and traffic jams. 

Today it was fine because it only rained a little in the afternoon, just enough to wash the smog away, and I’m not cranky.  Here’s a photo I just took with my new crappy camera phone, which is slightly less crappy than my old crappy camera phone, to prove that I’m not cranky today:


Oh. Well, now that I uploaded it I see that I don’t exactly look UNcranky, but I don’t look particularly crankly either, so I hope you can take my word for it that I am indeed NOT cranky.  (See what’s on my computer screen? It’s the edit page for this very blog!  oooh, spoooky).

It’s St. Patrick’s Day today, and I don’t know what I’m doing yet to celebrate.  3 years ago, when I worked as a travel agent, my boss (now my friend Theo!  Haha, trippy that you used to be my boss, Theo!)  brought us beer in the afternoon.  I lived so close to my office then that I walked home with a good buzz on and started calling my friends and telling them to come on out and start drinking! I think it was 4:30.  That was a good night.  We actually went to St. Nick’s, an Irish pub near my house that used to be fun but is now so crowed all the time, weeknights included, that the main attraction is getting bumped into and spilling your beer on yourself.  I’d rather stab my eyes out with sharp shamrocks or jump into a vat of angry, biting leprichauns than try to brave that place tonight.  2 years ago on St. Patty’s I was about to leave for Australia the next night, and last year I was getting ready for Amanda to come visit me from North Carolina.  Tonight I don’t have any plans yet, and my only requisite is that it’s near my house and I don’t have to drive.  This should hopefully be easy since my friends Matt and Corey just moved here from New York, right smack dab into my neighborhood.  Yay! And if they’re going somewhere far away, I’ll be perfectly happy to stay at home and catch up on my tivo’d episodes of Desperate Housewives.  Oooh, and my boss just told me I can go home an hour and 15 minutes early!  I think this is going to be a good night.


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