Blogging While Drunk: Good idea or bad?

So I’m at my house, by myself, and it’s 11:14 PM, and I’m considerably buzzed slash borderline drunk.  Not slurring the speech drunk, but occasionally grabbing the bar for balance slash laughing really hard at things that may or may not actually be that funny slash having to correct every other word as I sloppily type drunk.

I was right when I said this would be a good night.  It was.  I had a really super good time  with Matt, Corey, their roommate Jon or John, Brennan, Gina, and various others from my old travel agency, who were all at this bar within walking distance to my house.  As I predicted, my convenient location would come in handy tonight, when I wanted to avoid being on the road with all the drunk crazies and crazy drunks.

The best part of my night was the joke the boys were doing when they got to my house, and which we kept up while walking to the bar and back.  It’s what if there were a James Bond movie where the antagonist / villain is an old grandmother type.  We kept making things up that she would say in a shaky, old British voice, like "Mr. Bond, can you please wheel my wheelchair over to my gun rack so I can kill you?" and "Mr. Bond, Can you reach the Earl Gray from the top shelf, please? I was going to poison it, but I can’t reach it, so we can just have a cup and I’ll figure out another way to kill you."

On the walk to the bar they all made sense, but on the walk back they got more and more ridiculous slash retarded, culminating with my favorite, which Matt said: "Mr Bond, can you squeeze these prunes for me so I can drink the juice and take a shit?  And then I’ll kill you by locking you in my cupboard… of… cats."  Oh, man, we laughed so hard at that, and kept on adding onto it with things like, "They’re actually still kittens, but they may scratch, and there is a 1/1000 chance they’ll hit your jugular," etc. MAN.  We’re f-ing geniuses.  That one was so funny to me I had to stop and lean my head against the trunk of a palm tree, I was laughing so hard.  I think anything was funny to me (but especially that becuase, come on: genius!) because a. I was/am a little drinkie drunk, and b. it was so good to see those guys again.  My college experience was so near and dear to my heart, SO near and dear, and rehashing some of the fun we had is priceless.  There’s nothing like old friends.  And yes, it freaks me out that I’m starting to think of college friends as "old" friends, like "Man, we’ve got history together. We used to do such and such and go here and here BACK in the DAY, Man."  Yeah, I’m old.  Scary.

To conclude, today is Matt’s birthday.  So tonight while we were hanging out, it was not St. Patrick’s Day, but St. Mattrick’s Day.  Once again, I’m a genius, Ladies and Gentlemen.  If you ever doubted it.



  1. 1
    Scott Says:

    Damn you, Marcy Minton, for being able to lean your head against a palm tree. And, for being able to just calmly walk around OUTSIDE at night, presumably at a comfortable temperature and without 14 layers on. And, for being one of the main reasons for all the cool New York UNC people moving out to LA.

    i miss you!

  2. 2
    Marcy Says:

    I miss you, too, Scotters!

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