Paris2005_280  I’m having trouble writing this week, so… I figure I’ll just post some old photos (blotos).  These are from Jeff & my trip to Paris last fall, a weekend trip from our 3 1/2 week stint in Barcelona.   Click on the photos to view them full size.  Why is Paris so f-ing gorgeous!!!??  I have to admit it: I’ve never seen a more beautiful city.

This is a picture I took of the Hotel Letitia, where we went for drinks  with Jeff’s parents, who were in Paris for the week.  Paris2005_008

It’s an old, old, super-old hotel, and apparently used to be the hot spot for all sorts of old-timey Paris2005_012chic artist types, none of whom I can remember at this moment.

Here’s another one at the Letitia, of Jeff & me.  Not sure what I’m laughing about — it looks like he’s tickling me, but his hands are visible — but I like this picture a lot.

Paris2005_080 Here’s us with Jeff’s parents, Ken and Deb, at the Hotel Coste, another old badass place.  The food was amazing and the scenery even better.  Plus, they sell these amazing mix CDs there, one every year.  Deb bought one for Jeff & me and it’s fantastic.

Paris2005_082 Paris2005_084 Here are a couple more of the Hotel Coste.

Here are some more photos that show how ridiculously gorgeous Paris is:

Paris2005_116 Paris2005_119 Paris2005_125Paris2005_131 Paris2005_136 I want to go back! Now!


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