I’ve run into a problem.

Jeff and I both decided to give something up for Lent this year.  I chose wheat.  I made this decision on the way to church on Sunday, not realizing that it was actually the first day of Lent.

I’ve tried abstaining from wheat before, and it worked for a couple months.  I actually steered clear, and felt great and saw a noticable difference in the poochiness of my stomach.  But then we went to Spain last fall, and frankly the food there tends to be intolerable, and oftentimes bread was the only thing I could eat, so I fell off the wagon and have yet to climb back on.

So about halfway through the service, while browsing through the bulletin and seeing the words "Lent" and "Lentin" about a thousand times, it hit me.  Like a kick in the nuts. (so to speak). It’s f-ing Girl Scout Cookie time!  And I had just bought two boxes of cookies on Friday — thin mints and peanut butter sandwiches, which are called something else now, but I keep forgetting what.  I had already put a significant dent in the thin mints, but had barely started on the PBS-wiches.  In fact, they were in the freezer getting tastier by the minute.  AW, Maaaaan.

So Jeff and I decided that Lent for us would start on Monday rather than Sunday, because we had been caught unprepared.  So we finished the box of thin mints on Sunday, and I’m leaving the PBSs to him. He’s not giving up wheat, and I figure if "JC" could go 40 days without food of any kind, I can probably find it in myself to avoid Girl Scout Cookies.

Speaking of Jesus & fasting & whatnot, we were watching a show about Satan on the history channel on Monday night (it was a rather religious-themed weekend for us) and the narrator was talking about Jesus fasting in the wilderness and being tempted by Satan and how when Satan tempted him with power, that was the most difficult to resist.  And Jeff and I were like, "WHAT? No, FOOD, you idiot, FOOD would have been the hardest to resist.  You think if you hadn’t eaten in 35 days and someone came up to you and said, ‘Yo, want some power?  Or in this hand, I’ve got a chicken leg.’ you wouldn’t pick the chicken?  Hell no, you’d be like, Power Schmower, I’m starving. Give me some chicken!"


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