My Blingo

I feel it’s time to update you on some things that have been stewing around in this here little room on top of my shoulders that I affectionately refer to as a "brain."

Whilst writing this blog of mine, which is short for "weblog" to those of you not in the know, I have embraced the slight nerdiness factor that I believe comes along with blogging terretory.  (For evidence of said factor, please refer to Appendix A). Therefore, in my head and to myself, I have been shortening all sorts of words, as is appropriate I think because of the "weblog" becoming "blog" phenomenon, and because I am a nerd.

Thus, my blog topics are "blopics."  That’s my favorite one, and I saved the best for first. 

Blog pictures are "blictures," or you can also refer to them as "blotos" if that’s how you roll.  Let’s see… blog links are "blinks," which I think is cute.  I’ve been thinking of creating a category of shout-outs, wherein I give shout outs to certain people I like.  This section, of course, will be called "blout-outs." 

What else, what else?  OH!  Maybe blog categories should be called "blategories."  But probably not.  I may be starting to push the blog envelope a little too much — or the… wait for it… and here it comes… blenvelope. (This one works especially well if you typically pronounce ‘envelope’ with a short ‘o’ sound, like ‘envoy’). 

Well, now you peeps are hopefully up to speed a little.  Please refer any questions to the Blequently Asked Questions section, or BL.A.Q.

Appendix A: It is my belief that people who blog (blog peeps, or "bleeps") are usually a little nerdy, often in a cute way.  Some examples: Rachel, Eric, Wan and Nathan.  I hope you four don’t mind me calling you nerds, but the upside is, I’m also calling you cute!  Let’s look on the bright side.


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    Wan Says:

    I blove your blog. I gladly embrace my blerdiness because I know I’m blute.

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