It Is Drawing Nigh…

It’s 2006.  Do you know what that means?  One year until my 10-year high school reunion. 

I’m the type of person who would be very tempted NOT to go to this likely-to-be lame affair, and at age fourteen I had the uncanny fortune-telling ability to know this about my future self, and so my friend Elise and I made a pact that no matter what, no matter where we were in life or on the globe or how lame we thought it would probably be, we would both attend this reunion.  We sealed the pact on the phone from our respective bedrooms, by taking a photo of ourselves seated on our beds, left leg out straight, right leg bent so right foot is on top of left thigh, and left hand under right foot but on top of left leg, poking out the other side, palm forward.  I still have that photo, and every time I see it — the socks and sweatpants against the background of a post-modern Micky Mouse-head twin beadspread — I cannot help but accept the reality that this pact is unbreakable, and I have no choice but to honor it! Come hell or high water, Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise… I have to attend that reunion.

SO, Folks, I have ONE YEAR to get it together!  I have to start doing exciting things and reaching goals!  I have to tone my arms and abs!  I must have something to show for the last ten years!  AND, I have to make sure people I want to see will come!  SO, if you are reading this and you graduated from A.C. Reynolds in 1997 (you know who you are!) this is my rallying cry to you!  I emplore you to join me in conquering the lameness that will surely threaten to overtake our 10-year reunion.  It can’t be that bad if enough of us go, right?

So who’s in?!  I’ll see you at the Olive Garden on Tunnel Road — or maybe we can just meet at the old "goth" table outside the lunch room or the senior bench in the common room.  Be there or be square!


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