Please Don’t Judge Me

This morning, like many mornings, my boss sent an email announcing the presence of doughnuts in the office.  It is always hard to resist because I love doughnuts, but I also do not want to turn into a fatass, so I usually do. (resist, that is).

Well, this morning I was starving to death and had 3 or 4 doughnut holes (holes, mind you, not full-on doughnuts).  Later, a co-worker tried to pressure me into eating another doughnut, but let it be known: I refused to succumb and did not — did not eat another.

Well, it’s evening time and I started getting hungry again about an hour ago, so I went and heated up a delicious tamale.  I assumed the tamale would appease my hunger, making a day-old doughnut seem unnecessary. 

I assumed wrong.



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