I’ve Got a Long Way to Go

So, a couple weeks ago I took a class at UCLA called "Web Design 101." I want to learn how to build my own kickass website with my own domain name so I can put my blog there. In class, we each created a simple site for learning purposes. Here’s mine: www.giraffeclub.netfirms.com. Pretty hi-tech, huh?  Oh, there are some surprise hidden links in there if you mouse over a couple of the cat food kernels.  Classy.

So anyway, I bought some web design software with my student discount (even though I only took one one-day class — sweet) and am sitting here trying to figure it out, and for the life of me, I cannot even remember the first thing we did to get started. I hope you like reading my blog on Friendster, because I have a feeling this is going to take a long time.


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