How Rebecca and I Realized We Were Getting Drunk at the Company Holiday Party

Promrm2 It went kind of like this:

We leave work at 3PM and get to the party at around 3:45.  Scan the room, see nothing on the horizon but potentially awkward conversations. Beeline to the open bar.

Quickly throw back a cocktail while making increasingly less and less awkward conversation with various people at the company.  The awkwardness is directly proportional to the amount of beverage left in our respective glasses.

Find a table and sit down. Finish cocktails.  Beeline to bar.  Throw back another.

Realize we haven’t eaten lunch.  Decide to get food.  Beeline to food spread.

Fill plates.  Head back toward table.  Stop midway and collectively admire our food plates.

"Wow, look how beautiful this food looks on my plate."

"Mine, too.  Look, everything’s perfectly arranged."

"I love how my asparagus falls gracefully over the squash."

"Oooh yes, that really is lovely."

"Look at how my bread is arranged in a perfect zig-zag pattern."

"Wow, that is really nice.  Look at how perfect and round this dollop of hummus is."

"Yes, it really is a perfect dollop."


"What are we doing?  Are we drunk?"

"We must be. Let’s eat before we make fools of ourselves."Mmm_food

Later, a bunch of us took turns taking "prom pictures," and I took quite a few photos of the ladies’ room.  All in all, I’d say the party was a success.

Jan2006_283  Jan2006_286

Jan2006_290 Promrs2



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