If a Native American, or “AmerIndian” Reads this I am So in trouble.

Let me preface this by saying I am still buzzed off a very strong French martini I had at dinner. Now, on to business:

Tonight I went to the Cheescake Factory with Jeff, Eric and Mike. As we were paying our bill, we started talking about which presidents were on which bills. Mike, who is finishing his college degree after a stint in the army, recently took a Women’s Studies class and asked if we knew who the only woman on a piece of U.S. money was. Eric answered that it was Susan B. Anthony, and I said, “NO, Sacajewea, too!”

“Who’s Sacajewea?”

“She was an Indian woman!" said Jeff. "She helped Lewis & Clark!” said Eric. Not to be outdone, I piped in with my two cents (Abraham Lincoln is on the penny; there is no two-cent coin).

“She was a Saskwatch!” I exclaimed.

Confused silence.

“A Saskwatch??”

“Yeah! That’s what they called Indian women!”

“NO, a Squaw! They called them squaws.”

“Really? Well, what’s a Saskwatch?”



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