My Lunch Break

Hello, and Happy 2006!  I wanted to write a post today that had something to do with the holidays, since we’ve just gone through T-giving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve without so much as a peep about it on this blog.

BUT, First I must regale you with the details of my fabulous lunch break today.  First, you must know that the temperature reached a sultry 84 degrees Farenheit today, after having been chilly, gray, and rainy for some time, and second, I accidentally went to the beach on my lunch break.  Accidentally because I was looking for Barnes & Noble so I could buy a couple calendars (one planning, one wall) with a gift certificate I got for Christmas.  When I clicked for directions on the B&N website, it told me to drive two minutes down Sepulveda and take a right on Rosecrans, when it should have said to take a left.  So I was driving down Rosecrans for only like one minute, and suddenly, gleaming before me, was the bluest, most beautiful Pacific Ocean ever, and I said to myself, "Self, Screw Barnes & Noble.  I’m going to the beach!"  And I did, and it was so warm and wonderful and the air was so fresh, my heart was filled with joy! I took some pictures for you on my crappy camera phone:


Manhattan2_1And UGH! I took some much better ones but now they are not on my phone.  Stupid crappy camera phone.  Anyway, I rolled up my jeans and went to get my feet wet, but the waves were huuuuuge, and came rushing up and got my jeans wet.  BUT, it felt fantastic.  Walking back up the hill to my car, I actually felt hot, which I haven’t felt in a long time because my body lacks the natural ability to heat itsef.  It felt so damn good.

On my way back to the office I stopped and got a smoothie at Robex, which until now was my un-favorite smoothie place — I was a JambaJuice snob — but I got the most delicious smoothie ever, called a "Pina Coolada."  Then I returned to work and suggested to my friend and co-worker Rebecca that we should go to Manhattan Beach every day on our lunch breaks and roller skate along the sidewalk.  She was so impressed by my suggestion that she made me this post-it badge and came and stuck it on me:


Now if that doesn’t make for a great lunch break, I don’t know what does!


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