These People Need to Get Out of My Head!

Team_colors Today at work, FOUR of us wore the same exact colors, and only those colors.  Burgundy and black.  I mean, it’s not like we wear these colors every day.  I, for one, haven’t worn the shirt I wore literally in years, because I had lost it and recently found it in the back of my closet.  Creeeepy.  In this picture, it looks like my shirt is black b/c of my crappy camera phone, but it’s burgundy.

Green_whiteOH, and not too long ago three of us all wore jeans and green/white shirt/jacket combos.  Try to pretend this is a flattering picture of me, and that I don’t look like I have a stubby midget torso, a hunchback and a black eye.  Just use your imagination.

Spooky, huh?

In other news, a muscle in my thigh has been twitching all day, causing me annoyance.  Also, I’m leaving tomorrow morning for San Francisco, where I’ll spend New Year’s Eve for the second year running.  Yippee!

This is likely my last post in 2005, so see you next year!


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