December 8

On this day three years ago, my mom and I crossed over the California state line, the temperature immediately increased by about 20 degrees, and I began shedding layers until I was down to jeans and my spanking new "La Jolla Youth Sports League" t-shirt, which I had bought in anticipation of living at my new house on La Jolla Avenue.  Three years later I’m still here and still feel giddy when I look outside and see palm trees.

To commemorate my three-year anniversary as a Carolina-turned-California girl, I encourage you to visit the California tourism website. Enjoy the welcoming comments from our governator and governatress, or governatrix — your choice.

Sunny_caIn addition, I am adding a picture of the weather widget from my computer desktop.  This is my rude and insensitive way of bragging to the rest of the country — although it has actually been quite chilly lately — highs in the upper sixties and partly cloudy! Brrrr!

In conclusion, I want you all to move to California if you do not already live here.  After three years in the mildest climate ever, I am far too wimpy to move back to where they have "seasons." Plus, there’s a lot to love about California, but no matter how sunny or beautiful a place is, what really makes me happy is being around the people I love.  (Awww, I really cut to the heart on that one, didn’t I?  Are you wiping a tear from your eye?  Good.  My work here is done).


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    Wan Says:

    as a fellow carolina turned california girl, i have to say that you are a lot more happy about cali than i am. however, as much as i miss nc and its beautiful seasons and food, i can say that the people here are delightful (winkwinkmarcy). you are an inspiration!

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