It Is As I Suspected:

Jake Gyllenhaal is smart, funny, articulate, kind, sexy, and of course, as cute as a fucking button.

Last night I attended a screening of the upcoming film Brokeback Mountain, and afterward Jake came out for an interview and answered questions.  He was articulate and intelligent sounding, while acting completely modest, humble, and downright adorable, and OH, did I mention funny in the cutest way ever?  And I admire him so much because when one dude from the audience was up at the mic. asking a question, the dude’s voice cracked in the most hilarious way ever, and Jake did not even miss a beat.  The corners of his mouth didn’t even twitch for a second.  He just respectfully answered the man’s question!  It was so funny, you guys.  The dude had to be at least 40, and his voice cracked in the most 1950s-sitcom, stereotypical way.  I even giggled to myself, and I know that if I were Jake it would have been extremely difficult to hold it together — but he did!  And that is how I know he is a kind, wonderful person whose babies I must begin conceiving at once.

I spent the first few minutes just soaking him in and being thankful that I had such a good seat near the front with an unobstructed view.  Then I started desperately racking my brain for a non-dumb-sounding question so I could go up to the mic and he could see me and realize that we are destined to be together.  I finally thought of a question, and as I was sitting there trying to determine whether it was dumb or not dumb, another woman asked the same question, and the moderator was like, "Oh, that’s a good question!" and Jake was like, "Yeah," and I was like, "Doh!" 

Jeff doesn’t mind that I’m in love with Jake.  He understands, in the same way I understand how he is in love with Jessica Simpson.  As we were leaving, Jeff had to admit: Jake is a "damn good-looking guy."  And so much more. Sigh.

P.S. Brokeback Mountain is really, really, really good.  You should see it.


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    People need to see this movie. It’s such a good story. And Ang Lee is the shit. I really hope it does well, so that studios will see that making risky movies is worth it. Instead of making “Stealth 2: Overdrive” or “You Got Served: Again”.

    Heartbreaking story though. After I finished the script. I wanted to punch someone. I have trouble expressing emotion…

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