A Typical Workday Conversation

marcymint23 (5:15:36 PM): you know what i just remembered?

Erin2000 (5:15:49 PM): hm?

marcymint23 (5:15:50 PM): remember how cabbage patch kids came with names and adoption papers?

Erin2000 (5:15:57 PM): yes

marcymint23 (5:16:26 PM): i had a doll whose name was Meryl, which I didn’t like, so I actually got an official name change from the Cabbage Patch company with a name change certificate, etc. and chnaged her name to Marilyn.

Erin2000 (5:16:41 PM): shut the hell up.  that is HILARIOUS

marcymint23 (5:16:54 PM): can you believe that shit?  i took it so seriously.

Erin2000 (5:17:04 PM): HAHAHAHA

Erin2000 (5:17:11 PM): i can picture myself taking it super seriously too

marcymint23 (5:17:25 PM): there was also a pledge you were supposed to take when you got the doll. you held up your right hand and swore to take care of it, etc. in front of a witness, and i did that too!

Erin2000 (5:17:33 PM): i’m SURE i did that


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