This stuff really happens in real life!

So my sister, who lives in North Carolina, recently received in the mail a letter from her dentist.  Figuring it was some type of bill, she ignored it.  UNTIL, a friend of hers who goes to the same dentist asked if she had read it… indicating that she really should.  So she did.  And this is what it said (paraphrased very heavily).

Dear Patients,

I am becoming a woman.  I will henceforth be known not as Dr. David Suchandsuch, but as Dr. Carol Suchandsuch.


Dr. Suchandsuch.

Can you believe it?  Mind you, the letter was much longer and went into much explanation as to the whys and whatnot, but the important thing is, next time my sister goes to the dentist, the dentist will no longer have a penis, but will instead have boobs.


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