Krispies Today I was so hungry that in the middle of some piece of work I was doing, I was forced to stop and write, "I need some Rice Krispy treats!!!" on a post-it note.  You can tell by the frantic handwriting and triple exclamation point that I meant business.  Honestly, I could not continue with what I was doing until I wrote that down, because the need was clawing at me, not allowing me to think, read, or talk about anything else.

You see, I haven’t eaten any wheat in nearly 2 weeks.  I know you’re thinking, "Rice Krispies don’t have wheat in them, and furthermore, what are you, crazy?  Not eating wheat?  And most importantly, why do I care?  Why am I reading this blog when there’s perfectly good TV on?"  Well, I can’t answer the last question, but I can say for the first two that I stopped eating wheat because 2 saturdays ago while at a pilates class, the instructor told me my stomach was probably poochy because I have a wheat intolerance.  Now, this is not the first time that I have considered that wheat and I may not be the best of friends, but never have I had such motivation as the possibility of getting rid of my poochy stomach, which has been poochy for as long as I can remember.  (I have also been eating wheat for as long as I remember.  COINCIDENCE????   Probably so.)  Anyway, so faced with this new opportunity I stopped eating it, and thereby stopped eating cookies, cake, and pretty much anything else delicious.  SO, feeling sorry for myself at the grocery store, I picked up an innocent-enough looking small paper bag of pre-made rice krispy treats (because as you pointed out earlier, rice krispies do not contain wheat), and the monster was born.  I had about 2 a day each day last week, and now that I have finished the bag, I can think of nothing else.  So I was forced, today, in order to momentarily take my mind off it (not that it did) to admit my addiction by writing it on a post-it. 


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