I can’t believe it.

My co-worker, Julie, has been pregnant ever since (and before) I started working at my current job.  As every expectant mother should, she got all the requisite check-ups and ultrasounds, and we have all been excitedly awaiting the arrival of her new baby girl.  At the office baby shower, she received lots of cute pink things, and I personally gave her the cutest baby dress ever known to mankind.  Y’all, it was adorable.  We’re talking purple and white, hand-stitched patchwork-type accoutrements.  I want to say there was a pinafore involved, and definitely some adorable little matching bloomers underneath.  I got it at a fru-fru little baby clothes store that only sells items so cute that nobody inside is speaking in a normal voice or using adult words.  Once you walk in that store, your vocal register immediately rises a full octave, and the only sounds coming out of your mouth are sounds such as "AWWWWW!  OH my gosh, LOOOOOOK!  AWWWWW, look at that widdle dwess!  It’s so tiiiiiny!!!!" 

Anyway, so here it comes, people.  The moment you’ve all been waiting for:  Julie had a boy.  I’m not kidding you, she had a boy. 


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