I am very important.  I have a very important job.  Some may say I am a "V.I.P." and that my job is "high-profile."   I’ll give you an example.  Just moments ago I edited and sent out the following press release:

Bigfoot — Imminent Capture Anticipated

Highlights include:

BURLINGAME, CA — 06/29/2005 — "The elusive creature known as Bigfoot may not be elusive for very much longer," according to C. Thomas Biscardi, a Bigfoot explorer and founder of the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization.

In the next few days, Biscardi will begin an investigation into a cavernous area near Happy Camp, California, in which he expects to find evidence of Bigfoot inhabitation and hopefully be able to contain and capture a live creature.

"This is a high stakes, high risk, scientific and commercial expedition," according to Biscardi. A recent two-and-a-half minute videotape of a Bigfoot sighting in Manitoba, Canada, was recently sold for an undisclosed sum to the television program "A Current Affair." The undisclosed sum, according to Biscardi’s sources, "is purported to be in the high six figures."

Information about previous Bigfoot sightings by Biscardi is available on the web site of the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization at www.greatamericanbigfoot.com

SOURCE:  Great American Bigfoot Research Organization

While exclaiming about the extreme newsworthiness of the release, my colleague informed me that she had edited the following release this morning:

Loch Ness Monster’s Tooth Found??

It’s all in a day’s work.



  1. 1
    Trent Says:

    Father???? Leave him alone!!!!

  2. 2
    coffee Says:

    when i heard about the most recent Bigfoot sighting it really got my hopes up…

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