Yay, I’m a blogger!

So, this is my first blogging experience, and I am beside myself with excitement.  Not really, but I am kind of excited.  I would say that I am moderately to very excited. 

I recently gave in and set up a MySpace account, because I thought I couldn’t use the name I wanted to use for my blog (BadMinton) here on Friendster, because I am mildly to moderately retarded at technology.  (Can I talk about MySpace on Friendster?  I have a feeling it’s frowned upon… but watch open-mouthed as I boldly exercise my first amendment right to discuss one friend-y oriented website on another friend-y type site.  Yes, my friends, I am "BadMinton." )Turns out I can use that name, or any name I want to.  Anyway, the point is, MySpace frightened me.  Within about 12 hours I had 33 new friend requests, and an innumerable number of messages.  Most of these (with a couple exceptions) were from apparent sleazebags whose only MySpace friends seem to be female porn stars, judging from their lack of clothing, abundance of makeup, pouty lips, and the doing-of-splits — not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

The typical message had a subject line saying something to the effect of "You are HOT!!" But my favorite was this one:  "Hey, I’m unable to send a friend request to you. This sucks, you are very babalicious, and I want to have you for a myspace friend."

I now realize my mistake:  I only had one readily available photo on my computer at work, so I just used that one — and I happened to be dressed as rollergirl : 1979_me2 Hence the innocent assumption of the guys who are only friends with porn stars that "Hey, why not add a 70s porn star to my list of ‘friends’? Why not diversify"? They can’t be blamed.  Plus, have you seen my butt in those shorts? 😉

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